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To become a recognized world leading company for design and manufacture of composite drilling risers.


Create a new company for technology commercialization with founders and Major Offshor Operators and Floating Drilling Contractors as shareholders.

Project Objectives:

To have our technology trialed by one of the top ten Oil and Gas E&P companies on a drillship within 24 months. 
To have our technology used as a complete drilling riser in deep water within 5 years.

Technology Objectives:

To design and fabricate a 90’ section of drilling risers within 24 months. 
To select a manufacturing partner within 24 months


Spencer Composites Corporation is the first and only company that has designed, tested, delivered and put in service a drilling riser joint.  The joint was put into service on the Heidrun platform in July 2001.  It has been in continuous operation since.  Statoil, Hedirun operator, has been very happy with the performance and advantages such as weight reduction.  Spencer Composites Corporation (SCC) has teamed with Pangaea to expand and offer this technology to the market place.  The Intellectual Property that SCC has developed and has patented since the Heidrun riser went into service, provides improved performance and reduced manufacturing costs.  Details of SCC's experience, capabilities and resources can be viewed at

SCC has been in business for over twenty years providing solutions for advanced composites applications in the oil & gas, industrial and aerospace market.  SCC is a well respected name in the composite community.

The Pangaea / SCC team intends to leverage twenty plus years of SCC R&D efforts in Composite Risers to provide this solution as a product to the market place.  SCC has designed, tested and fabricated drilling and production risers for ConocoPhillips, ConocoNorske and Petrobras.  Pup joints have been designed and provided to DNV for testing. 

Pangaea will leverage its knowledge and network within the O&G industry into project and investment opportunities.


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